cross-country interior design: photography project

Several weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time taking photos of Zigmund the adorable short haired Chihuahua – nicknamed ‘Ziggy’. He is an absolute LOVE, to say the least. He’s also one of the most photogenic dogs I’ve ever met. Ziggy’s owner Annette enlisted me to help her with an amazing design project for her home in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the process of designing and updating she had a vision for one of her dining room walls and shortly after that we were introduced. The coolest part of this project, aside from hanging out with Ziggy and Annette climbing over rocks, up and down staircases, and running around on the docks in Noank, Connecticut, was seeing the project come to life. On her most recent trip to Las Vegas Annette sent me a few photos of the finished wall. I must admit, it’s surreal seeing one of my images literally larger than life and I am so overjoyed to know that she is pleased with the outcome. Pets are such precious companions and this photo certainly adds a modern and personal flare to the space.

It was a wonderful experience helping to bring life to a project across the country and a huge shoutout goes to Crystal at Freddie Ramon Interior Design for the incredible work done – I’m so excited to be able to see it in person one day! Take a look at how COOL this is, and let me know if anyone else is interested in a similar project because I’m totally up for it!DeBois-005DeBois-037DeBois-061DeBois-018DeBois-013unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed

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