Tomorrow will never be the same as today

A couple of weekends ago I had the privilege of watching my sister walk across the stage at SUNY Oneonta as she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Adolescent Education and Mathematics. To say we are all proud of her would be a complete understatement. When I first started dating my husband the first time I met Bridgette was during her freshman year of college and we’ve shared many incredible adventures since. We’ve watched her grow during her college years and transform into the amazing young woman she is today. When she asked me to capture these moments of her with friends and family over her graduation weekend I was touched (and a bit emotional).

Bridgette, you are and will continue to be an amazing teacher. Watching the way you care for others makes me jealous of all of the students that will walk through your classroom door and experience what it’s like to learn from Miss Proper. I have a feeling your students will learn as much about mathematical equations as they will learn about how to show respect and tackle some of life’s biggest challenges.

But for now, I wish you peace in this time of transition. In this season in life where you no longer have access to a dining hall. Where friends aren’t always as close in physical proximity as they once were. And I hope that these photos help to make the hard days a little sweeter.

And finally, CONGRATULATIONS! You did it. The Proper clan loves you and we are all standing by eagerly watching the amazing steps you will be taking in the next few years.Graduation Blog-001Graduation Blog-002Graduation Blog-003Graduation Blog-004Graduation Blog-005Graduation Blog-006Graduation Blog-007Graduation Blog-008Graduation Blog-009Graduation Blog-010Graduation Blog-011Graduation Blog-012Graduation Blog-013Graduation Blog-014Graduation Blog-015Graduation Blog-016Graduation Blog-017Graduation Blog-018Graduation Blog-019Graduation Blog-020Graduation Blog-021Graduation Blog-022Graduation Blog-023Graduation Blog-024Graduation Blog-025Graduation Blog-026Graduation Blog-027Graduation Blog-028Graduation Blog-029Graduation Blog-030Graduation Blog-031Graduation Blog-032Graduation Blog-033Graduation Blog-034Graduation Blog-035Graduation Blog-036Graduation Blog-037Graduation Blog-038

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