katy & peter – engagement

When I first met Katy & Peter for coffee they requested an engagement session at the location where he proposed – which of course I was absolutely thrilled about! I spent about 45 minutes scouting out spots at Napatree Point for photos before they arrived, including the very rock where Peter got down on one knee. As I was walking to meet them, when I first saw them walking towards me I had to do a double take in order to really absorb their level of preciousness as well as STYLE. I don’t have to talk much about their class or the love they share because these photos say it all. These two are such a joy to be around and it is so very clear they are completely in LOVE. Gah, I love love.

They expressed that neither of them had been on the other side of a lens very often, and made it clear they would need a little guidance. This is always my favorite because they can focus on creating memories together and everything is fresh. My goal is always to encourage laughter and make them feel comfortable being vulnerable in front of the camera. After all, I want to capture them. That means raw emotions, running in the sand, crazy beach hair, tickle fights, hand holding, and tender kisses. I am so grateful Katy & Peter trusted me to be on the other side of the lens capturing these vulnerable moments. This is an exciting season in life and I love watching their story unfold.

And lastly, the moment I will forever remember from this session is when I started to pose Katy and take a few portrait photos. I turned to Peter, who was standing next to me at the time, and asked if he would step into the frame and join her. Katy was standing far enough away that I don’t think she even knew this interaction was occurring, but I looked over at Peter and noticed him slightly shaking his head almost in disbelief whispering “She’s just so beautiful, I can’t believe you want me in the photo.” *insert heart melting and attempting to hold back the tears*

These are the moments that I hope to bring to life and help them remember.

And with that, here they are! Stay tuned for their wedding photos in September 2017!



4 thoughts on “katy & peter – engagement”

  1. Cora, what lovely written summary of this event! It will be a beautiful memory for me and my husbsnd! Your photos capture their essence beautifully, and I can’t wait for the wedding photos! Km and Kevin O’Donnell

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    1. Kim, thanks so much! Honored to have been asked to play a part in capturing and preserving this amazing season in their lives. They truly are such a joy to be around! Looking forward to meeting you and your husband.


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